Logistics and Transportation Help in Raising the Economy

By Jeffery Cyphert|March 10, 2015|Logistics and Transportation Business|0 comments


One of the important factors that help in the development of a country is its transport service. Both logistics and transportation play a vital role in stabilizing the economy of a country. The absence of this system can lead to slow the growth of the country. If your country lacks some food stuff, the availability of strong logistics can help in importing the products.

Contrast between transportation and logistics

Transportation and logistics are two different words but are strongly related to each other. Transportation refers to the transfer of resources and goods from one place to another with the help of some modes. There are generally five modes of transportation such as different types of animals, air, railway services, water channels and roadways. Goods can be quickly delivered with combining the above methods of transportation. The process of transportation includes packaging of goods, managing the goods and preparing for transport. Logistic is the management of goods and supplying from producer to the user.

Need for logistics

The process of transportation lacks coordination and sometimes it may require dual mode for delivery of materials. So, this is a disadvantage that can be overcome by logistics. Logistics helps in maintaining the goods within a limited time. It should be added in all sectors of a country such as offices or health agencies for effortless management. Logistics enables delivery with care and speed. One of the successful logistics is the business logistic as it offers both speed and quality. The cost of delivery in such a system is affordable for a common man. The logistic business has touched success because of the proportionate combination of manpower and resources.
The efficiency of logistic is definitely much more than transportation. It not only transfers goods but also imports essential materials. It stands as a backbone for a country’s economy.

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